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Quality Over Quantity, Superior Racing Pigeons

Providing racing pigeons where quality is never compromised, our birds are primed for outstanding performance and winning outcomes. Race them or breed them, you’re assured of superior genetics and unrivalled excellence in every aspect.

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Unmatched speed and endurance define the Heremans, serving customers with top-tier racing performance and reliable winning potential.


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Van Den Bulck

Spectacular sprinters, Van Den Bulck pigeons excel in short to mid-distance races, offering customers a winning edge with remarkable speed.


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Gert Heylen

Agile and swift, Gert Heylen pigeons offer remarkable speed in short-distance races, ensuring exciting and frequent podium finishes.


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Alex Docx

Remarkable sprinters, Alex Docx pigeons offer high acceleration in short-distance racing, guaranteeing reliable performance in those fast-paced races.


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Legendary speed and endurance make Camphuis Janssen pigeons a favorite for sustained success in various race distances.


Dominate the Skies, with Superior Racing Pigeons

Our racing pigeons are synonymous with elite performance. They bring a blend of speed, endurance, and determination, making them the perfect choice for enthusiasts who aim to dominate the racing scene with consistent, top-tier results.

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Breeding Excellence, Pigeons with Genetic Edge

Years of careful selection and breeding have gone into producing our racing pigeons, they not only excel in speed but also demonstrate remarkable resilience and adaptability in varied racing conditions.

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Racing Excellence Today, Breeding Champions Tomorrow

Long-Term Value – Investing in our racing pigeons translates to long-term value. Not only do they excel in current races, but their superior genetics make them valuable breeders, ensuring a legacy of champions for years to come.

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