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All-Round Champions,
The Janssen Racing Pigeon

Excelling in both short and long-distance races, the Janssen racing pigeon is versatile in performance across various distances. Their balanced speed and endurance, combined with exceptional intelligence, allow them to perform consistently well under different racing conditions.


Explore the Winning Characteristics of The
Racing Pigeon

Physical Traits

  • Sleek, aerodynamic body ideal for speed and endurance
  • Strong, muscular wings for powerful propulsion and sustained flight
  • Optimal weight balance for agility in air maneuvers

Performance Capabilities

  • Adaptable to various distances, excelling in both short sprints and long marathons
  • Consistent high performers, reliable in different weather and terrain conditions
  • Exceptional speed coupled with the stamina necessary for endurance races

Temperament and Behavior

  • High intelligence, easily trainable for complex racing strategies
  • Strong homing instinct, ensuring reliable return from races
  • Social and cooperative, able to integrate well within a loft’s community

Master Every Race, With The Janssen Racing Pigeon

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